Plugins for spindles


Plugins only work when using python 3. Python 2’s importlib does not contain the necessary functionality.

As of version 3.4, git-spindle has a plugin system with which you can add subcommands that are not suitable for sending upstream. For example, I use it for enumerating the status of my work PR’s that assumes access to work internal systems.

Plugins live in ~/.local/lib/git-spindle/$spindle/$ They are structured like the actual spindles themselves, except that your methods must be fully self-contained as they will be transplanted into the main spindle classes. Methods must comply with the following:

  • They must be decorated with @command, else they will be ignored They must

  • have documentation as a 2-line strinf. The first line must be a docpt-format

  • list of accepted options. The second line contains a short usage string. If the method takes no options, the docstring must start with a newline.

  • Since the method is transplanted into the actual spindle, the method must be completely self-contained. The ‘self’ argument will also be an instance of the spindle, not the plugin

  • The self argument may rely on certain GitSpindle internals, for which you’re going to have to read the code:

    • self.api will refer to the api module

    • self.spindle is the name of the spindle

    • refer to the authenticated api instance

    • is a whelk.Shell instance with utf-8 encoding

    • the self.git function to execute git commands

    • the self.gitm function that does the same, but exits if the command fails

    • the self.config function to read/write git-spindle configuration

    • the self.repository function, that finds the correct repository on GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket

  • Use of other internals is discouraged. If there is another internal function you would like to use (or add), please file a pull request.

Here is a minimal example that prints a summary of all pull requests you’ve filed in an organization’s repositories:

from gitspindle import GitSpindlePlugin, command

class GitHub(GitSpindlePlugin):
    def my_org_prs(self, opts):
           List the PR's you filed in an organization's repos"""
        for issue in['<org>'], filter='created'):
            if issue.pull_request:
                rl = '[%s/%s]' % issue.repository
                print('%-25s %s %s' % (rl, issue.title, issue.html_url))

Placing this in ~/.local/lib/git-spindle/github/ will cause git hub my-org-prs someorgname to work, including adding the usage string to the main program’s help functions.